Hoarding in Surrey and the South East

We have a range of site protection products in Surrey that we are able to deploy quickly and cost effectively for your project. From full site hoarding to temporary mesh panels and a range of gates to match up.

Our hoarding prices can be to include painting your site protection to a gloss finish, removal of the temporary site protection at the end of the project and we are also able to provide emergency repairs to damaged structures.

Hoarding - Solid Site Hoarding

This site protection is an ideal solution to separate sites from the public and to protect nearby buildings, quick to erect and has the added benefit of shielding tools, materials and plant from unwanted intruders.

• Hoarding is available in three finishes, softwood, hardwood and SmartPly (Site Protect)
• Vehicle and pedestrian gates to match with access controls
• Our site protection makes an ideal advertising platform in populated areas

Hoarding - Temporary Mesh Panels

A quick and easy solution to protect sites, business, events and protection zones which can be delivered and installed by our own experienced site protection teams. Contact us to see how we can help with your temporary site protection in Surrey and the South East.

• Available to buy or hire in 3.5m wide bays with feet and clips
• Vehicle and pedestrian gates to match
• Acoustic and debris guards can also be supplied

Hoarding - Solid Steel Barriers

An alternative to the above options, which is quick and easy to install but with the added benefit of being a solid panel; available in 2m wide bays. Contact us if you are looking for site protection in Surrey and the surrounding area to discuss your hoarding requirements.

• Available to buy or hire in 2m wide bays with feet and clips
• Solid hoarding panels stop people seeing into a site and debris cannot cross
• Our hoarding site protection offers an effective advertising surface