Acoustic Fencing in Dorking and the South East

Acoustic fencing can be an effective solution to noise pollution. Our systems can easily achieve a sound reduction up to 24Db (Dlr) to the end user, they can form an effective part of a noise reduction plan for any situation. Acoustic fencing is most commonly used to reduce traffic noise but also very effective next to railways, factories, schools, and sports grounds.

We are able to supply two types of acoustic fencing, all of which can be installed up to 6m in height and can cater for any project and budget; installed using steel or wooden posts.

Acoustic Fencing - Single Sided Reflective

These are ideal for cost effective solution which can achieve noise reduction of up to 29Db (Dlr) and can be erected quickly following the contours of the site. Contact us today about acoustic fencing in Surrey and the South East.

• Category = B3
• Superficial mass ranges from 6.9 to 11.66kg/m2
• Natural timber finish

Acoustic Fencing - Absorptive System

Adsorptive is a system that will 'soak up' sound waves as well as reflecting them. Each panel is packed with rock wool and sealed which provides a massive reduction in sound of up to 37Db (Dlr). Most commonly used next to highways, railways and commercial units and meets stringent highways requirements.

• Category = B3
• Sound Absorption up to 12Db (Dla)
• Dual purpose absorbing and reflecting sound waves

Jacksons Acoustic Fencing – Reflective and Absorptive

• RB Fencing are Jacksons Fencing Approved Installers, please see main heading for full details or Click Here to view Jacksons main website

RB Fencing Ltd are proud to be able to offer Jacksons full range of acoustic fencing products to our clients All products come with their 25 year guarantee (t&C apply) and are fully tested and aesthetically pleasing alternative for reducing noise.

We are able to offer full supply and installation at preferred rates in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, London and Berkshire.

• Reflective options of 12kg/m2 or 25kg/m2 Superficial mass on variety of posts to suit height
• Absorptive Catergory B3 with up to 32 dB sound reduction in a variety of heights
• Highways and Security specification also available along with Gates to match